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01 Jan 2017

coin wrappers

| Conan Barbarian

Paper rolls are very important and useful when handling large amounts of money. there are a number of designs and companies that have made them over the years and some times they can provide an interesting story or part of history associated with them. wrappers have been used for a very long time but most of them decay and corrode while the coins live on. i couldn't pin point when the first coin wrappers were used but they definitely date back to 1909.

besides for coins i also have a small collection of coin rolls that i have accumulated from the bank and my grandparents. most of them are new and common to find at banks but others are made from companies that have changed their design or are out of business. the red cent roll is from my grandmother who had an unopened in 60 years wheat penny roll that was taped due to the wearing material (all common date wheats inside). another roll that is interesting is the 1$ nickel roll. it is unused and has the location of where it is from. i have seen similar rolls on the internet of different denominations that are half a regular roll like a 25 cent penny roll. i also have a ike dollar roll, that is not made any more and pretty cool (in fact i have around 10 of them lying around).

what other interesting paper rolls have you found that are different or unique?



Level 5

Just goes to prove there are so many ways to participate in this hobby.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

What an interesting area to collect. Thanks for sharing this.


Level 6

Now this is something unusual, and interesting. Never paid much attention to wrappers for coin rolls. Maybe this is a new collecting interest. Thanks for this!


Level 5

That $1 Nickel wrap is neat to see. I grew up in Delaware and WSFS was probably the largest bank in the state at one time and are still in business.


Level 5

It is nice to collect something related to coins. I have a friend that has collected wrap for over 30 years. He also collected counter checks. In the past banks had blank checks (left on the counter at banks) that you could use to write checks.


Level 7

Very interesting. When I do coin rolling the paper is generic. Once I open it I have to put the coin in proper holders were I write the information on the holder. Never thought of collecting the wrappers. You learn something different everyday! Thanks

Interesting idea for collecting wraps. I had never thought of it. I might do it!


Level 5

I usually call them "wraps." And I like them too. One type that I really like is the generic wrapper. It is a flat paper with two small rectangular holes in it. When you have the coins counted and ready to wrap, you set them on edge on the paper and roll the stack keeping the paper tight on the circumference of the stack. Then you fold/tap the ends tight to hold the wrap in place. If you did it right the coin denomination and the total value of the roll can be seen through the two rectangular holes.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for sharing very interesting

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