Mercury Dime Collection

04 Dec 2016

This is my entire Mercury Dime Collection, yeah only one coin so far. The price of silver is a little high making the dimes $3-4 each. so i am waiting to find a really good deal on a lot but i have enough time left to complete it and i can always come back after completing other collections.

stay tuned for more



Level 5

Mercury dime set would be nice to have. Need that 1916-D coin though. Even in low grade they are expensive. All the others are still relatively inexpensive. Keep on looking and working on the set.

Very nice collection you have their!


Level 6

Keep searching. Lovely coin to collect. You might find an overdate, who knows?


Level 6

Cool first dime!!! I remember starting my Mercury Dime collection book...I'm still working on it! It's been the best collection I own.


Level 5

What a nice collection it will be. Keep at and you will complete it eventually. One of the more beautiful coins in US Mint history.


Level 7

Save your money there are plenty of places that sell these set minus the expensive key dates so your ahead of the game. All the slots will be full except those key dates. A nice set is the war set the nickels and dimes and t here not to expensive and come most of the time in BU. Something to think about. Thanks for the blog.


Level 6

Any new Mercury dimes to report? Every collections starts with the first coin. Pretty deep eh?? Good luck and thanks!


Level 5

They shouldn't cost that much, at least for common dates. Silver is reading in at $16.09 right now, meaning that the melt value of a dime is $1.24. Just one thing to tell you: I am a YN too, but I believe I am a year or two ahead of you. Don't get too spread out. I stopped collecting Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes as well as Buffalo Nickels. Still, I am working on Indian Head and Wheat Cents, Liberty Nickels (and just completed early Jefferson's), Washington Quarters 1932-1947 and my Type Set, 5 sets total, but I still feel spread out!

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