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20 Aug 2018

My First “big” Error Coin find

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                                   My First "big" Error Coin find

I had gone to the store with my Dad earlier in the day, and was now looking through the coins the cashier had given me as change. I received a 1968 Denver mint quarter, and, because I didn't have one in my collection yet, I promptly saved it. A few months later, I was looking through my collection with the aid of an error coin reference book, when I came upon the 1968 D quarter.I looked  at it's reverse under magnification, and I was stunned to see that there was what looked like hub doubling on the design and letters! I quickly identified it in my book, Ken Potter's "Strike it rich with pocket change", as 1968 VCR#1/DDR#1. It had notching in the letters and met all the other criteria for a genuine doubled die coin. I also showed it to a few other error collectors and they assured me that it certainly was a genuine doubled die quarter. Ken Potter's Book  "Strike It Rich With Pocket Change" Identified its value at about $200! I'd say it grades about a VF (Very fine). Interestingly, this coin also features strike or mechanical doubling, mixed in with the hub doubling. This find was what got me really excited in error and variety coin collecting.(I apologize for the poor quality of the images, I don't have the best setup) Thank you for reading!



Level 5

Beautiful error coin! Nice find!


Level 5

Well done, beautiful find my guy!


Level 6

Great find. You need a Cherry Pickers Guide. My first find was a Lincoln Cent with the FG initials of Frank Gasparro on the reverse. I had it slabbed by ANACS. It's not worth the fee but it makes me happy to look at. Good luck!


Level 3

Thanks for the info Mike!


Level 7

I would think about investing in the two volumes of the cherry pickers guide. Sam the Educational Director is one of the editors . It's up to date and hos all the old and new finds. Pictures show you where to look. Volume one goes from cents to nickels and volume two goes from dimes on up. Two great books yours is good also but these are up to date. Enjoy keep those eyes open.

You were lucky. In 65 years and more in coin collecting I have never found a really neat error coin in circulation. Filled letters, minor die cracks, but nothing like an off-center that was more than 5 degrees. Keep looking - that is what makes coin collecting so exciting.


Level 6

Good find! Keep looking.

That is a great find, always want to keep your eyes out.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I wish I can find a coin in change worth $200 some day...


Level 6

It is great to add an interesting coin to your collection.


Level 7

Hi I checked the Cherry pickers guide fifth edition volume two. It's the one alot of us use. It does appear to be doubling on the reverse. Take it to a dealer see what he says about condition then based on what he says I would send it in to NGC for grading if they fees are not more than the coin is worth. Then I would put it in an air tite. Good eyes you never know what you will find. Good for you.well I checked the cherry pickers guide volume two.page 220. There is one double die . It list for A/U 50 for 550..00. However it's not the one you described. The reverse is all doubled letters wing tips and leaves. ANACS finds all the DD. I would send it to them. This way you know what you have. Good luck

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