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30 Dec 2018

Railroad Currency

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Railroads played an important part in the 1830's through 1900's printing money for their employees and others. A research paper published by John A. Muscalus, Ph.D. shows images of more than 100 bank notes. Printed in 1971 it is a very interesting research report on this subject, and worth looking into.



Level 6

Don't forget the Mexican silver coin, Ferrocarril. Many railroad buffs out there.


Level 6

I really like the railroad theme on old currency. With all the detail on the trains it's really beautiful. Thanks for a fun blog!

The ANA published an article on railroad notes in Antebellum America that was written very well. These notes are beautiful, and the artistry is amazing. I will look into this more.

It's Mokie

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the 2007 Utah Quarter shows the historic meeting of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific at Promontory Point. I think railroad themes on currency or coins are always popular with railroad buffs and coin collectors both.


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The Confederate currency had many railroads on there currency during the war. It was very popular. Thanks for the info on that study. Mike

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