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15 Aug 2014

Libertas Americana Medal

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The Libertas Americana medal was produced at the royal French mint by request of the American government. This is one of my all time favorite medals because of it's historical significance and beautiful design. Benjamin Franklin, ambassador to France at the time of the American Revolution, persuaded the French to join the American side against Great Britain. To celebrate (and continue to appease) the French court, Franklin received enough funding to strike special medals in gold (for the king and queen), silver (for the courtiers), and copper (for other people). The gold examples are lost to history, but the silver and copper examples are well-known, as well as restrikes made by the French mint over the years. On the obverse, the medal features a depiction of Lady Liberty later used on the first American coins, while the reverse features three figures: an infant (America) protected by a goddess (France) from a lion (England).



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Great story behind a great coin!



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Again, an amazing blog! Great job 9998!


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I really like how you put the picture of a copper, a silver, and a gold reproduction!


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Another incredible blog. Thanks!


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Very beautiful coin.

Steven Roach

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I agree, that I an amazing design! Certainly a medal that I would enjoy to own!