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24 Jul 2014

Not Too Late for Cheap Flights to ANA from Central PA!

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Usually if you wait until now to make flight arrangements as late as the ANA convention is soon from now, you're going to get gouged, right? Wrong. Frontier Airlines is still a bargain out of Harrisburg International (or as the fly-boys know it, Middletown). As of now, you can fly out of HIA/MDT for as little as $72.09 on Monday, August 4 or Wednesday, August 6. Flying back home on Saturday, August 9 or Monday, August 11 is even cheaper! Go for it! Get Cubs tickets for Sunday. Less spent getting there means you can get more coins, right?


Mike Burns

Level 6

Only to get on that plain would be a dream come true. I use to fly a lot but can't anymore. I miss it so much. Just to go to the ANA before Ingo to that big coin store in the sky would be a dream thanks for the info. Mike


Level 5