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21 Jan 2021

part of my coin collection

Coins | walking liberty

Ever since i joined here everyone has added pictures of their collection when all I have posted is a W V75 quarter! So this weekend I will be posting pictures of part of my collection and I hope you guys like it And I am looking forward to sharing my collection with you guys. Well that's all I have to say hope yall have a great day and a good weekend. WL



Level 6

Please provide a little background about each coin you feature. Maybe what it means to you, where you obtained it, how it fits into your greater collection, etc. etc. Much more interesting with background.


Level 5

Looking forward to seeing your collection. Tells us where you picked up some of the items. The stores with the coin are half the fun !


Level 7

Thanks centSercher

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Don't tell us what you gonna do, just do it


walking liberty

Level 4

well i have to drive 3 hours to get to it.....


Level 6

That's nice. I hope to see your collection that really are "your" coins... Why do you keep changing the main photo on your blogs? You just changed this one from an amazing collection to this dollar and yesterday you had a picture of a car up originally, then changed it to an ANA stock photo when questioned??? This is some crazy stuff your doing.... ; )

walking liberty

Level 4

the reason why is because i keep on getting yelled at by you guys for the pictures I post


Level 5

Awesome, cant wait! I just got my first V75 quarter from CoinHunter in a trade. Looks beautiful!


Level 4

Wow! that is really cool


Level 5

Nice collection!


Level 5

I am excited to see it! By the way, if you are posting pictures of your collection you should put it under "My Collections" on your account

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