walking liberty's Blog

30 Nov 2020


Exonumia | walking liberty

Sorry, i have not been posting stuff guys I have been busy with school. hope you guys are doing great.
Walking liberty


Keep up the hard work at school!


Level 5

Nice to hear a short note from you.


Level 5

Will be here when you have time. Take care of school first.


Level 5

Keep up the good work with school. Let us know what is going on at School and mention a coin story when you have time. Always nice to see what others are doing outside the coin world.


Level 6

School should be your number one priority. Coin aren't going anywhere.

Mike B

Level 7

School is more important. The coins and is will be here. Lots of luck with your grades.


Level 4

Don't feel pressured, good luck with school!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Getting ready for the big end of semester finale... Keep you nose to that grind stone, it will pay off!


Level 5

Hey man! Life takes priority. We'll be here when you return! Cheers, NM

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