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21 Jan 2021

the pictures i post

| walking liberty

I have been getting some comments about the pictures I post and here is what I have to say about it. The pictures I post are not owned by me unless I specifically say so. I will now start saying when pictures are mine or not and if they are not mine who owns them. please I do not mean to offend you guys I am just trying to have a good time here at the ANA. Best of week WL


I. R. Bama

Level 5

I see you are still posting that copyright picture and you cropped out the copyright sign on your avitar. Please post permission from the owner of the image if you received it. If you don't have it, you shouldn't use it until you do have it. It's plagiarism and a violation punishable with a fine from 20o to 150,000 dollars.

walking liberty

Level 4

i am not posting personal stuff for the world to see. For me that is like sharing my SSN.


Level 5

I think it is completely fine to use pics from the web, especially if you want to post a pic of a super rare coin that you don't have. And also, I recommend that you wait until you have like several paragraphs of things to say and type it up in one blog, instead of a bunch of separate blogs.


Level 6

My coin pictures are always my property but my OTC (other than coin) pictures are usually scraped from the vast internet. I do appreciate a blog with pictures much much more than a blog that describes an item without the benefit of a picture. I think with the resources available to most of us these days, it should be an easy thing to get decent photos. I also love a blog that seeks to educate or entertain, a plain jane blog of one or two sentences is normally a big warm turd. Having said that, I think since the Forum is horribly underused, very short blogs occasionally have their place here.


Level 5

Pictures are Pictures. Keep up the good work !

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Well wasn't that bit of news blog worthy? It would be nice to have you educate us about a coin you own or admire


Level 6

Thanks for the clarification... 30 points for that news.


Level 5

Thanks for the update! I love all pictures posted regardless of who owns them! Cya 'round, WL

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