About Adna G. Wilde Jr.

Adna G. Wilde, Jr., joined the ANA in 1947 and has been active in numismatics and the ANA for much of his life. He served as ANA executive director from 1968 to 1972, following his retirement from a distinguished career in the United States Army and service in Italy during World War II, in Korea and in Vietnam.

Elected to the ANA Board of Governors in 1973, Wilde served as vice president from 1979-1981 and as president from 1981-1983. He has been the ANA treasurer for 19 years. He served on the 1975 United States Assay Commission and as director of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum from 1973-1981.

Wilde is considered an authority on the Lesher dollars, as well as counterstamped Stone Mountain commemorative half dollars. Wilde received the Lifetime Achievement Award during ANA's 107th Anniversary Convention in Portland, Oregon, in August, 1998. Wilde was elected to the ANA Hall of Fame on August 3, 2002.


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