Good Books to Read on Ancient Coins

Hi everyone. I want to know the value of ancient coins and start collecting them, so are there any good books you know about on ancient coins?

24 days ago

I'm sorry I can't help. There must be someone who knows. I bet by the end of today. Someone will have one. I wish you luck with that. I always got confused with them. That's me. 

24 days ago

 Google is good for identifying resources like that. Let us know what you find! I bet others would like to know that too...

24 days ago

My niece collects these and has Ancient Coin Collecting by Wayne G. Sayles, a generalized book on them. She also has a few other specialized books on Roman, Greek and Macedonian coinage among others. Amazon or EBAY will have what you're looking for, or a coin show if you prefer.

19 days ago
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