In need of Tetradrachm Pictures

(Serious inquires only)
Hello members,
Currently I am working on publishing a short book regarding the Tetradrachm denomination. It is meant for beginner ancient Numismatists, so there will be a bunch of pictures. I have used up my resources and permissions and am in dire need of 10-15 pictures of region Tetradrachms that I can use. 
If you send me pictures, however, I will have your full permission to use them and there will be no profit to you in any way. And, they have to be higher that 750p and be cropped in a way so that I can see the obverse and reverse of the coin. Below, I have created a list of the different regions I need to complete the first draft. Thank you anyone who sends me pictures you are a lifesaver!
Regions I need:
Thrace, Baktria, Rhodes, Thessaly, Parthia, Aeolus, Syracuse, and Seleucus.

2 years ago

Join the American Numismatic Association Members forum on Facebook, there are a number of international collectors and collectors of a wide variety of items there, that would be an excellent place to post this. 

2 years ago
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