Anyone seen this? Reviera Restaurant Atlantic City NJ, Good For 20¢ in trade

Here is one that has me really stumped. I thought it was a store card token, but have been told in another forum that it probably is a token from the mid 20th century. I kinda think if it were a newer token, something would be found on it. 
Reviera Restaurant Atlantic City NJ, Good For 20¢ in trade
Please notice the spelling of "Reviera". I searched this and other forums with no results, eBay doesn't have it, nothing on Google, nothing in the Rulau US Token book 1700 - 1900, tokencatalog.com and my general information Civil War Token Red Book has no mention of it. Even contacted the Chamber in Atlantic City and they have no clue on the Restaurant.
Has anyone seen or know anything about this one?  Possibly year/type token? Thanks in advance for any information.

24 days ago

I haven't seen it before. It is very similar to one I have of a movie theater I went to as a kid.. 20th century.

24 days ago

@Longstrider,Thanks for the reply, so you're thinking possible 20th century?

23 days ago

They have them for car washes stores absolutely everything. That's token will not be found  in a book. More than likely the restaurant. Tokens from other countries and ours that were made during the civil war. Britain were it bailed it out of bankruptcy after all there wars.. Those have dozens and dozens of books on. That's because they belong in our hobby.

21 days ago

See if you can find an Atlantic City Phone book or business listing from 1940, 1950, etc.That is probably your best bet for finding the business.

21 days ago

Thank you Pat and Just Mokie for the replies. I hadn't thought about the phone book approach, that might be something to look into. I have found a New Jersey token club, it's not around anymore but the newsletter archives are online. If I find any updates, I'll be sure and post them. Have a great Sunday!

21 days ago

Dallas, your best bet is actually probably the Atlantic City Library or the Atlantic City

Historical Societyhttps://www.atlanticcountyhistoricalsocietynj.org/about-us.php
I saw a very similar token, the only difference being the business advertised for 14.95, If you can find the manufacturer, even if defunct a long time ago, you might be able to trace that exact token. 

21 days ago

Just Mokie,      I had emailed them in the beginning, hadn't received a response as of yet. Maybe it's because I didn't include the $15.00/hr research fee:)I have emailed the New Jersey Historical Society just yesterday. I didn't see anything about a research fee there. Maybe they will get back to me. Thanks for the ideals!

20 days ago

I wonder if the token had the name of the restaurant misspelled, not an uncommon situation, it is probably Riviera Restaurant?

7 days ago
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