I feel like a noob.

Does anyone know how to authenticate a 2019DDR?

22 days ago

Watch this youtube video for diagnostics on DDOs, I see nothing on DDRs.


22 days ago

Im sorry i  dont see them. You need the cherypickers guide it shows you were they are has them all. Buy volume one i think its about 39.00 45.00. That will help you.My mistake thats to late of a coin thanks my friend.

21 days ago

Cherry Picker's Guide won't have any 2019 varieties in its current issue.  Better to do online research or perhaps contact CONECA.

20 days ago

Does anyone know how to authenticate a 2019DDR? Bring it to a dealer or have someone call the ANA they will tell you how to join NGC. We cant tell without a picture. This can be hard work. Some are so small. Thats why someone has to see it. A picture i dont think will help

20 days ago

Thanks my friend. I thought we worked well together. Happy Mothers Day!

18 days ago

10 days ago
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