Is It Weird?

Is it weird that I want to purchase this Smithsonion 1794 Dollar Reproduction and make it a pocket piece until it is worn and has a nice patina?   The details are actually quite good, although the fact it has dual dates and hallmarks on the obverse, plus the Smithsonian symbol on the reverse make it an obvious copy.  I just have this weird desire to give it honest wear.   Change my Mind!!!!!

18 days ago

I'm sure whatever you decide you my change your mind it will turn out the way you want. And the way you want is what you will get. Lots of luck with it. Curious how it turns out. Take care. Pat

18 days ago

I say put it in your pocket and enjoy working on it! I have carried a 1937 buffalo nickel on a keychain in my pocket since 1979. It's nice to rub between my thumb and forefinger whenever I'm bored, and remember everywhere its been with me since then. My goal is to wear it smooth before I die. I think other collectors do what you want to do with the dollar. It doesn't make you a bad numismatist at all. After carefully preserving your collection sometimes you just want to have fun with something that would never turn up in your pocket otherwise. Call it living history.

18 days ago

I would include an annual forum post where I show the continuing wear on the coin.  I would stop when it gets to VF condition.  (:

17 days ago

Do it and Post it... Great experiment. Science Rules!

14 days ago
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