Panama Tokens - by E.A. Majilton

I'm looking for an article, probably published in the the late 1960's or 1970's entitled " Introduction to Tokens of Panama" by Majilton. It was published in SINJ Vol.2 p17-24, that being the 'Journal of the Society of International Numismatics'. It's not in the ANA Library nor digitized in the NNP (Newman Numismatic Portal).

Can anyone HELP?!

1 year ago

Did you ever find the information?
In the July/August TAMS journal on page 127 in the "50 years ago" it mentions Majilton's name. I plan to give a lecture on these at an upcoming coin club meeting, and would appreciate what information you have. I would be glad to share my powerpoint presentation with you. My email is: levlink@gmail.com
Best Wishes,Lev (ANA member since 1984, and collector since 1956!)

10 months ago

Thank you very much! The inquiry was from a colleague, Christopher Mearns, I've relayed your pertinent information, so you may be hearing from him directly.

James Martin

10 months ago

Did you find it?

6 months ago
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