Buying Coins With ANA Logo

Hi everyone. Now most of you know I watch coin shows. Don't buy I listen to the snake oil pitch they make. One show I bought my first bag of wheats. The Coin Vault. They sell every thing and you can pay in two payments. After they get the first they send the coin. Now I have seen many many coins with the ANA logo. I'm not a label guy by I like the ANA. It's the club I belong to. Would you buy coins with the ANA logo? From the ANA? Many have asked what happened to the ANA store.. Yes you can get them at shows. But if there are no shows you have to buy from a retailer.. I would by coins with the ANA logo. Would you?

3 months ago

I have some medals and one coin with the ANA Logo, I would buy more if the price were right and opportunity arose.  I did notice at the National Money Show earlier this year that the ANA did not have any medals or anything, for that matter, available for sale.  The Worlds Fair of Money is a different beast and they always produce medals for that event.  My home club, PAN, is a local sponsor this coming year and are already thinking about a medal design for next August. 

3 months ago
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