Mint Does it Again But it's fixed!

So I signed on at 12:00 p.m. I signed on there were 3 in my bag. I wanted one. I hit removed . Problem . Couldn't order. Got on it froze. At 12;17 message web servers down. At 12;17 p.m.all gone.I have to say they fixed it real good.. I can fix it. One per household . No bulk sellers that program has to stop completlt. 500.000. Done. Every colle for gets one. No ebay. Prices are insane.  Thank you U.S.mint. This will continue every year . Every special coin. Funny years ago you called got a coin.  one not made by computer and lasers. A coin a real coin. We will sadly never see that again. Cherish those old coins. 

                 .GET RID OF RYDER

14 days ago

Your telling us they sold 300,000 coins already? Is demand really that high? The coin collecting hobby sure seems strong when it comes to mint coins?

14 days ago

If only we would not order from them and just wait until local dealers had them. Then the mint would stop doing that. It's an elementary operant behavior model to apply. Simply shape the mint's behavior through reward or witholding reward. I promise you, if we were united, their behavior will change

14 days ago

They will never change. There is an old saying the fish stinks at both ends. The treasury department and Ryder. Now if we all complained they would change. I do. But I'm one person. So the mint thinks everything is fine. Your not going to get a hundred people to let them know. You need thousands. This was a mess look out for the Morgan's and peace dollar. 175,000. Sure it's fixed. Just ask them they will tell you. On T.V there selling a 999 pure silver coin with the Morgan on one side and the Peace on19.95.   From the cook Island. Maybe I will buy that! Two for one and it's all silver. How come the mint can't charge 19.99? At least I know I will get one!!! Not plated!

13 days ago
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