What Happens If You Don't Take Care Of Conder Tokens

I wrote two blogs on them to show you that copper can last if you take care of them. I will show you what happens if you dont. The elements will destroy them.now below is the same token. The obverse was not protected.. The reverse was. This is not just any Conder Token. Anyone who collects them wants this one. It's very expensive and rare.. Enlarge both sides and see the beauty of the inside of the church. And the obverse how it looks burnt. Despite the corrosion. You can still see the church Windows and the steps leading into the church. I have been looking for one in MS.it's been two years .So when one pops up so does the price. Take care of your coppers . Take care of your coins .

27 days ago

Those tokens are really nice. Maybe I can find one.

25 days ago

Yes, you can certainly see the difference! 

24 days ago

Nice study Mike. It is amazing how copper can corrode. Interesting. Good luck finding an affordable MS. Thank you.

24 days ago

Looking two years for this one. Then the price will be very high. Have not seen one. They are very rare. 

24 days ago

Thanks for sharing this here Mike. Beautiful token by the way. 

15 days ago

 I want everyone to understand. That is the same token obverse and reverse. The obverse is destroyed by not taking care of the token. The obverse was probably left in the sun. Meanwhile the reverse was down own on the felt. No sun . This could have taken a few months with the elements. If the obverse was as good as the reverse I could not afford it.

15 days ago
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