Ancient Coins

Not a book suggestion but here are links to two articles - One Roman and one Greek coins.





7 years ago

The initial suggestions here, including the work by Sear, are certainly valuable.  I would add Harold Mattingly's Roman Coins, initially published in 1928 (my copy was reprinted in 1967).

For an introduction to collecting ancients, I have learned from Wayne Sayles' books; I believe he has six, including one on fakes.  Also enjoyable for anyone, especially new collectors, is Collecting Ancient Coins: A Guided Tour Featuring 25 Significant Types written by Paul Rynearson and published by Whitman.

7 years ago

A wonderful online RIC resource: Online Coins of the Roman Empire. Has a great ID engine.
Main page: https://numismatics.org/ocre/
ID engine: https://numismatics.org/ocre/identify

3 months ago
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