Coin Collecting Software

Hi all. I'm curious if any databases are better or worse for collecting merchant tokens and civil war tokens. These tend not to have as much online reference, what with pre existing photos and such.

2 years ago

I'm working on a Microsoft Access project to create a coin database. But off the shelf software has been around a long time.  TheSpruceCrafts.com did a review at thesprucecrafts.com/best-coin-collecting-software-5120712.  PCGS offers a free online way to catalog your collection.  US Coin makes a Mac only application.  Exact Change seems to be highly rated.  There is EZ Coin, and then Liberty Street's Coin Manager which are good for valuing and inventorying your collection.  I have not tried any of these personally.  My goal with a database is to catalogue multiple collections, sets within collections, valuation for insurance, investment, and inheritance purposes, and maintain a disposition of individual coins, collections, or sets (sale, theft, damage or loss, on loan, etc.)

1 year ago

I just want to point out that there is a terrific software package to help manage, cateloge and keep track of your coin collection and it is Free Software (as in the FSF and the GPL) with all the bells and whistles one can want.

It is fast as heck and imports images easy with an sql backend and great reporting features and back up features.  the development team is readly available and I've talked with them several times.  It is a must try!

History of changes OpenNumismat

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.11 (12 October 2021)
  • Checking SSL certificate for image downloading always disabled
  • Save sort order from toolbar. Removed Store column sorting settings
  • Summary dialog show info also for selected coins
  • Report is generated for all showed coins
  • Icons from reference always shown
  • Improve image cropping with perspective transformation
  • Undo/redo for image editor
  • Improve image viewer zooming
  • Improve image context menu
  • Settings for font size
  • Improve postcard template
  • Fix importing from Telico
What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.10 (22 September 2021)
  • Change proxy-server for Colnect
  • New status Duplicate
  • New fields: Grader, Seat, Year on coin, Photo 5 and Photo 6
  • Improve saving .doc report
  • Improve saving current list
What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.9 (01 February 2021)
  • Fixed report preview in x64 Windows version
  • Fixed Debian package
  • Add timeouts for all HTTP requests
  • Fixed storing last crop tool

1 year ago


1 year ago

1 year ago
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