Enjoying coins with music or?

Do you think they go well with each other? It works for me! Music has the ability to bring out the flavor of the coins and I have my own "coin songs"
We talk about collections but how do you personally enjoy your coins? Do you have something that goes along with it while admiring your collection?
Can you please share some ideas?

18 days ago

When I am spending time with my collection, I like to keep all other distractions at bay.  If music were to be played much above the level of background noise, I would probably turn it off so I could continue to concentrate. 

18 days ago

Maybe I should mention, toned coins in particular for me. Perhaps the music adds on to the hypnotic effect getting lost in the luster and colors..
What goes thru your mind when you are focusing on the coins without a single distraction? Are you thinking about what the coin had went thru?
Let's explore the possibilities :)

18 days ago

Exactly, I am holding that coin and I am imagining a story behind it.  Like my Trade Dollar I recently blogged about.  It is not just a hunk of silver to me, it is a romantic tale of two lovers separated by oceans.  The Sailor carrying the Trade Dollar with his Sweetie's lock of hair encased within.

17 days ago

Thats sentimental :)How about if the coin you are holding is uncirculated? It's a little difficult for me to go into stories for the coins.. since it is most likely to be well kept from a previous collection. 

16 days ago

Sometimes when I have a nice stretch of time on my hands I go thru my slab storage boxes with a glass of wine. It helps me enjoy what I've put together so far. After another glass or two, the coins sometimes "talk to me" if you know what I mean....

15 days ago

Well I guess I'm the odd man out. When I go threw my coins especially if I'm sending them out its just coins and that's it. Halogen lite and quite. Tokens are different. They have a story on the obverse and reverse. My mind does wonder. But if I'm sending them out it's quiet. I need no distractions. It could cost a grade or two. Or if I'm just enjoying them anything goes!!

15 days ago

looks like 2 vs 2 now, hahaI do see a difference between studying (agree that silent focus is preferred) and appreciation. For me, the appreciation part is getting lost in the beauty of the coin and yes a drink does help!

14 days ago
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