Mega Red Book 2020

I am fine with it. Its mostly the half dime pricing section. I can still read most of it. Just have to open pages carefully, as they seem kind of stuck together. Just thought it was funny.  It has character ! 

10 months ago

I received mine yesterday (along with my Red Book and Blue Book).  Unfortunately, mine is just a plain-Jane Mega Red with no production errors...but very impressed with it anyway!  Surprised they did not list the 1999S Proof Close-AM as a "popular variety"  to look for in sets.  I guess it's may not be as popular as I think it is!

9 months ago

Received mega red book today and its a mint error !! Jackpot !! 33 pages folded over and cut off at the top. Spectacular error ! Nice edition, looking forward to reading and looking through this edition.  

I can tolerate those. With the book being in cruddy shape at Barnes, I probably have to buy the book online.

5 months ago

No big deal to me. Some pages are crooked and tops bent. I was just looking at it this week. The section can still be read with a few words hidden. Didnt want to bother sending it back. 

5 months ago

I ordered the first edition when they first came out. With the first time I opened it up pages started to fall out. I know, no one else has this problem but I do. Sored me for all the other ones. I love my spiral, large text editions. Lays flat and I can read it. I only get them every couple of years anyway. Just me.

5 months ago

Mine also has pages that have started falling out.  Kinda sucks for a reference book, especially one that size.  Oh well.

5 months ago

I guess I have been lucky. I have all the deluxe books. I use them often I have not had any damage at all. . Not saying that some do. I put this 1500 book on a snack table. They come in groups of four. To hold it in your lap you will have problems. To put in on the arm of a chair you will have problems.. It should lay flat. So that and pages will not tear out. Remember 1500 pages . It must lay flat or i suggest don't buy it. I have learned so much from my mega books it's worth it. But like any other thing it must be treated right. Try and hold it in one hand. It will fall.  It's very simple flat.

5 months ago
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