Did anyone get a Mayflower set?

As they jack around the buyers NGC keeps clicking away at the Early Releases deadline. I got my Mayflower Silver coin Tuesday. Sent it back Wednesday. I just don't like it. Person opinion. I could be wrong. I was thinking of flipping it, something I don't usually do but that thought went away with all the eBay listings. Oh Well. I like the silver End of War medal. It's already oon it's way to NGC. Better looking than I thought. I just hope it doesn't develop milk spots later. It has a big, clear field..

1 month ago

Today is December 21, 2020. Thousand s of collectors are just getting there coins of the May Flower coin last week. That's a disgrace. I think they had to work off a back up sheet. And would pick out those who got through. And then decide who should get one. I hit the reminder key got a message from the mint and when you get there there already gone.. Again email the mint and tell them we won't stand for this. The 30,000 eagle has 90,000 in baskets at 12:: 01. Crashed. How can this old computers and servers take this beating well we saw it again with the world war two anniversary coin one second after 12 p.m.crash.  Ryder refused an interview with coin world. That means he's responsible and can't even answer the questions we have . He has got to go. That was 77,500 mintage. . They don't stop with this low mintage crap it will continue. And there servers will really burn out. They can't keep up with this.

29 days ago

Wait!  Ryder said he had done so many things for the Mint this past year, he also said that the US Mint doesn't want to sell out in seconds and the mintage numbers are carefully selected in order to eventually sell all the coins but not to sell out right away and the computers issues are being reviewed.  Wait, didn't he also say that the computer problems had been address and corrected before the 75th Anniversary WWII coin sale?  If the total mintage numbers and computer issues have been carefully considered, and addressed, then he needs to first, Fire his advisors, second, find someone with a brain and management capabilities, nominate them for his spot, and then Resign.  The reason he refuses interviews is that the mint does seem to want to create man-made shortages, and is happy when a coin sells out immediately, and don't seem to care if the rank and file of the mint subscribers are pissed.  If they cared the limited mintage would have been raised.  Look at the last two years of coin releases, they have stayed the same or been lowered.  No one is trying to fix this and he doesn't want or feel the need to defend his position.  Even if someone does care, the message he and the mint as an organization is sending out is shut up and let your betters do this, we are doing what we want, regardless of what you think or care.  Ok, now that my blood pressure is through the roof, I'm gonna go have a cup of coffee.  Later!

29 days ago
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