American Innovation Dollar Thoughts

In creating the program, the United States Mint has yet again created a coin series which is either loved or hated. While it is still in the early stages a thought, or a sense of deja vu, has struck me looking to buy the final three reverse proofs when Georgia becomes available. In the first several months of sales beginning with the 2018 U.S. Patent, the low mintage of 75,000 has yet to be reached. With none of the five reaching sold out status I wonder two things. How long will they remain available for purchase? Will they actually reach the maximum mintage even if available in future years like previous mint and proof sets have? When the program finally ends and the mintage figures released I believe they will resemble those of the early commemoratives. Which has me wondering as I type. Will the reverse proofs continue if sales fall short? Or will the mint simply reduce the number accordingly? 

There are far too many questions attached to this series than first imagined.  

15 days ago

Good.question. . I think it's not liked. Many are waiting for there state to come out and buy it. The Mint Can not stop it. All coins are authorized by Congress and just run its course according to the bill. Allot of collectors are tired of long sets. If you buy them for value I think it's a loss. If you buy them because you like them nothing wrong  with that. I say enjoy them. We collect what we like. Doesn't matter what others say. You like it that's ok. Go for it and don't give up. Thanks  Mike

15 days ago

Although I like the idea and the designs of the American Innovation set much more than the Presidential Dollars, I will never collect beyond the 4 versions of the 2018 issue.  I don't think they are ever going to be particularly popular and I don't think the mint cares since the profit to be made on even low sales is much better than no profit at all.  I am looking forward to what the Mint has in store for 2026, that is something I hope they don't screw up.

15 days ago

The Innovation Dollars are ignored just like the current First Lady/Spouse $10 gold coins are, and I doubt a low mintage would help future value. If collectors don't like it, that's it. I think we'll some day see complete sets of Innovation and Presidential dollars advertised in the back pages of Sunday newspaper inserts being sold at just over face value.

14 days ago
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