Apollo 11/Kennedy = Take my Money

I just received the Apollo 11 catalog from the US Mint.  I was excited to see that they are offering a special set with an Apollo 11 Half Dollar and Enhanced Reverse Proof Kennedy Half Dollar for 53.95.  The set will only have 100,000 issued, so it will sell out very fast.  Get your speed dial set on 24 January at 1200 EST.  This is going to be a big winner for the Mint and anyone that can get a hold of it.

1 month ago

That's a nice idea, to include a Kennedy half. Remember what JFK said abt putting a man on the moon.

1 month ago

A very good pair to put in a set.

1 month ago

Well today is the day we get to order our Apollo 11 coins.  I suspect this is going to be a very popular coin although I wonder why they are using the same design on all the denominations.  Seems like that would inhibit sales somewhat.  Oh well, I was going to buy the Half Dollar Sets but will now wait until the double slab appears on the market. 

27 days ago

I finally bought the Half Dollar set after viewing the set, and the 5 ounce coin, at my local coin club meeting on Tuesday evening.  Mr. Tom Uram, who is an ANA Governor, and now head of the CCAC, is also a club member, and he had picked up the coins during their introduction in Florida.  He said the Kennedy Reverse Proof Enhanced Reverse Proof Kennedy, limited to 100,000, could be a real key in the Kennedy series.  That was enough incentive for me.

13 days ago

Low mintage with an attractive design the perfect pairing.

13 days ago

I guess no one has bought any of the Apollo 11 coins yet, since there is no addition to this forum.  As for me, I bought out the store.  The 5 inch/3 ounce Proof Silver coin, the one ounce Proof silver coin, the $5 Proof Gold Coin, the Half Dollar set, and the BEP pictures. I got all of them in the first half hour on their website.  Now watch The Coin Vault, Rick's Rare Coin Show, and magic Mike.  I paid 244.95 for the 3 ounce silver proof coin. Have you seen what they are selling them for? Of course, their coins are all graded PR70UC and selling for over $500.  All of them are scalpers.  Best of luck to you guys.

5 days ago

I called NGC about the double slabs. I was told there is a limited amount of coins like three the can make now. Then I asked what about a case to put them in?. They haven't even designed them yet. So I recommend bible rap  in a good box.

4 days ago
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