Best Set for the New Collector

IMHO, if I had an individual ask me what is the best item to collect right now.  I would highly recommend a set of Sacagawea Dollars for the collector on a lower budget and the American Silver Eagle for the collector with a 100.00 a month budget. 

the American Eagle started in 1986 and come in a number of finishes from regular uncirculated, enhanced uncirculated, proof, burnished proof, reverse proof, and probably another one I have forgotten.  They are also available as a one-a-year set or you can add any number of additional coins from the various finishes to  the three different mints.  

The Sacagawea Dollar started in 2000 and also come in a variety of finishes to include a very rare presentation finish on the 2000 Goodacre Dollars.  They can also be collected as one-a-year, or by any combination of finishes, mints, etc.   Fun to collect, and pretty inexpensive in the vast majority of issues.  Starting in 2009, the reverse designs rotate to a different American Indian theme each year. 

Both of these coins are excellent starting points for the new collector. 

2 months ago

Roosevelt dimes.

2 months ago

I would go with the classic Lincoln Wheat cent, you can find it still in circulation and you can easily find examples from 1909-1958 in good condition for just a few cents for none key or semi-key dates.

2 months ago
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