Fixing a broken system

I personal, have not bought a thing from our own mint since the 2020 Mayflower fiasco. And I will not return until the many issues are resolved. So, as I was reading another forum post on the same subject a plausible solution arose. First and foremost, new management is at the forefront, beginning with David J Ryder and Marketing and Sales Director, Matt  Holben. Once the new officials are in place, the enrollment option and bulk orders must not be allowed for twenty-four hours of a product release. No exclusions, no exception. Second, and again for the first twenty-four hours, only registered account users may purchase products. And finally, a team within the Sales and Marketing department must periodically monitor and verify said user accounts thereby lessening the dealers use of straw buyers.

14 days ago

Let's all hope for change we can believe in!

14 days ago
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