Is this normal

I sent out two coins to PCGS a little more than a week ago. Within a few days, one of the coins was finished and returned to me with notification at each step, but so far I have not heard anything on the other coin I submitted with it. Is this normal?

1 month ago

Ask longstrider or mike on a dm, they are better equipped to answer your question.

14 days ago

All the TPG are backed up. I'm getting tired of the covid excuse though. I have never sent a coin to PCGS but speaking for NGC, they would never get a coin turned around in a few days, unless you paid for it. They wouldn't even have "received" it in that time.

13 days ago

I never heard of it. Never happened to me. I have two invoices at NGC. There modern coins. I checked the box to send all 12 coins back together. That's why I have got the three back and they have been done . It's new to me. Give them a call nub. Find out were are my coins and why are they being held up.

13 days ago

I got it all settled. My coin was returned, thank god. Thanks for your guys' help!

12 days ago
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