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Hello everyone,I'm 49 and just joined the ANA and would like to know how I could learn more about collecting US coins (this is something I've been wanting to study for the last 10 years). I stay in Tennessee and can't find any local coin clubs in my area (Chattanooga) and I've collected different coins from Indian Head Cents to Morgan and Peace Dollars. Being new to this I just thought I would reach out to others in this field to help get my feet wet and fire up under me to be the best at collecting,grading, and educating myself more on a life long journey I've finally taken time to pursue. Thanks again everyone and well wishes.

24 days ago

Welcome!  Well, congratulations for entering the exciting and rewarding field of numismatics.  I like to think that this field is profitable, as well as a great hobby.  Chattanooga...hmmm...there must be at least one coin club in your area.  I know you probably don't want to hear this, but have you tried searching for coin clubs in your area on a major Internet-based search engine such as Google or Bing?  
The coins that you mention sound interesting.  Lately, it seems that Morgan and Peace Dollars have made a big comeback, especially with their 100 year anniversary reissue via the U.S. Mint.  Welcome, once again...and keep up the good hobby interest!


23 days ago

Welcome to the ANA. To learn you read blogs on coins and write blogs on coins. History and reserch. Every coin tells a story. Pictures help tell it. Read current blogs not outdated ones.. That's your best bet. Enjoy have fun. 

17 days ago

Welcome. Nice post. I am almost 69, yikes. I am a big Peace Dollar VAM guy. I think you will have the opportunity to learn a lot here. Ask anything!

16 days ago

Decide what you wish to collect. If it's a particular series or denomination, start small. Invest in an coin  specific album or three ring binder with 2x2 pages if that be your preference. If it's more or less any coin series, again working small, there are also albums and holders such as those by Capitol which make for great presentation and storage. Finally, and of greater importance, to reiterate Longstrider, ask away with any question.

9 days ago

Welcome to the ANA!!  There are lots of great blogs here to learn from.  So a search on what interests you....buy the book of read it online....every series that I collect or plan collecting I've bought a book to learn more about them. The ANA has lots of recourses also.....check them out!!

6 days ago
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