So I Just Checked Ebay The Two Quarters that are out and Have Been Just Are Not Selling

What did you think. Failed last year  I don't think they have sold any!. And when are the other three coming out? Has anyone found one? Let us know!! Thanks

19 days ago

I think they should just give up on the W quarters already, or at least make it a thing that only happens every five, ten years, or something

16 days ago

End it all togerther. Everyone says this coin cost to much to make yet they give out millions in quarters every year. Makes sence. Not at all.

15 days ago

I think most of the W's are in bank vaults... and one day we'll have a Morgan Dollar dejavue when ppl starting buying bags of 'em

14 days ago

I see plenty of the first two selling. What I find surprising is the prices, no where near the astronomical figures still listed for 2019. Have the fad crowd lost interest already?

10 days ago

They lost interest seriously last year. The prices they charged to buy them slabed did not show up in The red book. I'm surprised at the prices. So unless you found all five in the same MS. They were not worth the effort. This year will be the same.

10 days ago

I wonder if the mint will ever realize the failure with the "w" quarters, and move on.... probably not....

4 days ago
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