So The Silver Proof Set Is Now On Back Order It Was Unavailable. Will They Make More?

Hi everyone stay healthy. I ordered my Silver Proof Set the first day you never know. One month for delivery. I checked the mint it said unavailble! It said that for weeks. Now it says Back Order. Now the mintage the mint was  able to get out. 197,000 sets.Thats it. Think of those who want the nickel. Those who have them graded the books that will have wholes in it last year 400,000 sets sold. Now were coming into June and the mint has a tight schedule of Items to get out. The Baskeball set good for melting. My opinion. The uncirculated set. Last year this set was done so well some coins graded MS PL. The Linited Silver set which will have the last silver dollar. The Burnished set. That will hurt me. And all the other items they still have to get out. The prices of the Silver Proof are not that bad on ebay most sets were broken up. They are those that will pay the price. The Quarters are 200.00 not graded in the O.G.P. Its unbelivable. Buy what you like and i hope they make more just for the Dansco Albulm.and those who want to keep there collection going. I wish you luck.. Some dont say that the nickle.is included so be caredul.!!!!

12 days ago

Production will resume on the Silver Proof sets. However, as you've mentioned, time is in short supply so  I'll make an early prediction and say 297,000. Just under last years which are still available.

12 days ago

That would sound very close to what i was thinking. Its says back order and if the odiginal ones took a month these will take longer. Thanks.

12 days ago

Well good news. There back on sale so those who need to fill there books can. I dont know how many they made. But i wouldnt waite. One  for the good guys!!!!

5 days ago
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