Standing Liberty Quarters

I thought I'd share my Standing Liberty Quarter set with everyone...Its only a circulated set because thats what I like to collect...I collect for the history behind the coins. I couldn't care less about the investment part of it..  I just have always loved the design of these coins and the meanings behind them..thats something that the coin designers of today have lost.  I'm more than half way done with this set!!!  The 1916 is just a dateless T1 filler.

2 days ago

The 1916 is hard to come by, but maybe your dateless one is one. I like it, the standing liberty is hard to come by pre-1925

2 days ago

What a nice set! You should post it as a blog or a collecting so more can see it!

2 days ago

Nice!  I'm like you Kevin, although I do purchase some new or slabbed items, most of my collection are circulated coins.  I like holding one and thinking Could "fill the historical name in", have held this coin?  You are building a nice collection.  Thanks for sharing.  Later!

2 days ago

awesome start to a set. I think putting together a circulated set is awesome in any condition. They all look like great coins. You got me thinking of doing a set of them.

6 hours ago

Why yes they do. Especially in a Dansco! Nice job thus far.

4 hours ago

@Long Beard
Why yes they do. Especially in a Dansco! Nice job thus far. Thank you very much!  

3 hours ago
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