The herd is nearly gathered.

Just an update. Back when I was a much younger individual, in the mid-seventies, (Okay, let me hear the old guy jokes) I started and filled an old blue with Indian Head nickels. No rhyme or reason to the quality, just a date and mint mark which I still have. In late 2020 I started a second album, a green Littlteton this go around, intent on a clear full four digit date and half horn minimum. Having just minutes ago scoring a solid VG-10 for $80.00 on the Bay I'm now missing the 1913 s Type 2, 1914 d and a 1915 s. Surprisingly, none thus far set me back over $125.00, but I fear that '13 is going to be tough in a quality to match under $300.00. Still, proof that this series is doable in a relatively short time frame on almost any budget. At some point I'll start uploading them to my profile. 

26 days ago

Keep at it. The greatest feeling is the last coin. My motto never give up. You will find them  it's a set you can finish. The fun is in the hunt!

26 days ago

Looking forward to seeing the complete collection. I have always wanted to do a Buffalo Nickel set, but just have not started one. 

26 days ago

Looking forward to seeing you collection! Ya, even if you budget is SUPER low, a complete buffalo nickel collection is possible, as long as you can tolerate a few acid-treated ones. Congrats on you nearly complete buffalo collection, and nice thread!

24 days ago

I believe I have about 15 to go until I complete my Buffalo nickel collection. I've been pretty picky with the ones that I buy....I always buy full dates...eye appeal is everything to me. 

17 days ago

Uploaded the series (minus that pesky 1913s) to my collection page. Closeup shots when my microscope arrives.

10 days ago
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