To grade or not to grade. That is the question is it not?

Hey all! So I am pretty new to numismatics and just joined ANA tonight. My 7 year old son is also a collector!!!  Now I have found myself going for Kennedy. I have several already. I just got the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy half dollar silver coin set. Whatvis everyones thoughts on getting them all graded? 

19 days ago

I would buy them graded already, instead of sending them in. But having mint products, you have the chance at  MS70? If you bought from a dealer, there might be a reason its still raw, and they know its only a MS69? I would buy graded already myself, i am not going to have a lot of raw coins that available to send in anyway. 

18 days ago

Don't send them in if it's not worth the money.

18 days ago

Thanknyou both for the response. I bought them from APMEX. I have learning hiw to grade my own coins via PCGS. Obviously have a ways to go on being efficient at it. However, the coins that i recieved  a 10x magnification are amazingly gorgeous. Especially the reverse proof.

18 days ago

Welcome to you and your son. I bought the set from the mint. All 70's and the one that is proof like. That was a while ago. Now I sent coins to N.G.C. .They received them 5/24 at 5:05. They just got done with the submissions they received in April. So they are way behind. That's just the mail. Now they go upstairs for grading. Having a coin slabed is up to you. I don't say no don't do that or  you have to. It's your decision. So do you know if they have been removed from the holder? If they have it could hurt..  Investment coins I have slabbed. That's me.It's a great set read the book that comes with it. Some sets the Uncirirculaded  coin came back P.L. That's rare. So some sets have it some dont. You will get many suggestions. Remember there your coins. !!!

16 days ago
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