West Point Mint and There Secrets.

Hi everyone.   Now we know that the Treasury Department runs the mint. A collector found out a bit of information went through the freedom of information act. There are more secrets at that mint than we had during the cold war!! And the Red Book has to be in on it. Why it does not say that West Point made all these coins. They mention the three mints. No W is on any of there coins and there mintages were put with the other mints. It's not in the book. What do you think. Feel deceived you should be. Don't tell me that they didn't become a.mint till the 1980's they were making American coinage way before that. Go to the net out in What coins were made at West Point mint I think you will be surprised. And those are not the only ones found pat

9 days ago

wow. just wow. first San Francisco, now west point?

7 days ago

I guess it has to do with the purpose of coinage, to promote commerce, etc.  Collectors might want all their coins properly attributed by Mint but consumers do not care a whit.  Consumers and Collectors have completely different viewpoints on coins. 

6 days ago

Yes and we and we want what were paying for. If I want something from the point I will pay a premium on it so as a collector I like to know. It should never have taken a court order. If my cent was made there put the mark on it. Just don't tell collectors they were made some were else it's not right. That's all I'm saying. I know the public don't care but we do. Thanks for your comment my friend. I found that two cent because of you how's that!!

6 days ago

We help each other, that's why we're Friends.  Your Two Cent Piece, My Japanese Trade Dollar, back in our hands where they are safe.  (:

5 days ago

The funny part is I think many coins are in the possession of collectors and don't realise it. Some.worth big money. The 1947 quarter  is beutiful. I would say 68 but I know since I'm a small fry I bet it will be a 67. In will let you know.

5 days ago

I looked it up. How can they not tell us these things?

16 hours ago
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