1969-S Possible Doubled Die or Machine Shelfing? Help?

I need some help. Im fairly new to this whole thing, so bare with me. I have a 1969-S and Im not sure if its a machine or double die. I see some type of difference in the word "LIBERTY" especially in the "Y".  Im sorry about the pictures, they were the best I could get right now. Any help is greatly appreciated at this point. Thanks!

7 months ago

Machine doubling for sure, the 69S is a very obvious DD. 

7 months ago

I have a roll of cents from the 1960's. Most of them are ok but it was a bad decade for cents. This is an obvious Doubted Die. I don't have my cherrypickers books with me. You should pick up both volumes. They show you all the DR and the price.

7 months ago

With that coin, your'e in luck. here's an Etsy list for that.

6 months ago
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