Why is This 1863 Indian Head Penny larger than another 1863 Indian Head Penny?

Hey guys, I just received a solid collection of old coins ranging from a 1798 Draped Bust large cent coin to a few other interesting finds (to me) from my grandfather. While looking around the coins, I found two 1863 Indian Head Pennies, one larger than the other in thickness. I've looked around the internet and could not find any information about the different thickness. Can anyone here help me out? 

4 days ago

Can you weigh it? That would help with determining what it could be.

4 days ago

Nub but it. Weigh it. The pocket scale you can take to shows. If you think a coin is counterfeit weigh it. They have a hard time getting other metals to weigh the same. So check it out. Let us know.

3 days ago
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