Collecting Hiatus

there really isn't a forum section that covers this thread. I stuck it in world coins  because thats what I collect. but this thread applies more to collecting coins in general:

I've been here before, so this time round it is not so much of a surprise, I am experiencing a lull in my collecting both in terms of research and procurement.   I haven't so much lost interest as I have found it hard to find coins that fill in the "gaps" in my collection. I thrive on novelty and a story, and for the last four months I haven't seen anything new and haven't discovered new stories.   I suppose it indicates how my collecting has matured.  I recall when I was new to the field everything caught my eye and I tended to add coins in a most eclectic fashion.  Now I have my focus , which I enjoy, but  its getting harder and more expensive to add coins to the collection.   I have even started to pare it down.   I have sent a proof New Zealand 1935 Waitangi crown off to auction  Its a popular key coin and I bought it, to be honest for the bragging rights,  however I never really liked it. The obverse is spectacular thats no surprise really it was designed by one of the UKS leading engravers.  The reverse, as culturally significant as it is,  is much cruder in design and execution.  Those who know Australasian coinage would likely be horrified at my  disdain of  "THE KEY COIN"   but bragging rights are never enough for coin ownership, at least for me.    I decided it was time to pass it on to someone else who would appreciate more than I do.    I have made one purchase...but it was an "auto-buy" an Austrian €25.00 NCLT.  Really it doesn't count!

That said  I am still looking and hunting for the next purchase, I may be in a down time but I know from experience  the collecting embers are still hot...I just need to find the right fuel for the fire.   Have  others experienced a down turn in their collecting  if you have tell us about it  it might help those embers glow a bit hotter

7 years ago


Spreading knowledge to me is the more important issue a pile of coins without context is just a few Euros stuck in a sock. By the way thanks for the "Auf Die Lebens-Freude" 5 Euro and the history lesson as well.     

7 years ago
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