The Queen and Her Beast by the Danbury Mint

Hi I have seen some things by mints put out but the mistake that this mint made is major. It seems there coming out with a good looking set so i was reading the advertisement for it. Then I read this that every coin will have the Queen on the reverse of every coin. Wow what a mistake to make. I mean I don't know anyone who doesn't know that the Queen is always the Obverse. Now is this accidental or don't they really know. We will find out Monday they are closed over the weekend but i did send a email. This should be fun take care and if you get this in the mail and read it enjoy it. The coins are really nice I have to admit. Enjoy Mike

1 year ago

Hi I received an email from the Danbury mint and they were very apologetic for there mistake. They will be correcting there tiny mistake and make sure these mailings and all future mailings will have the Queen on the Obverse not the reverse. Quite embarrassing I should say. I can't believe such a mistake although I have corrected a few people on the site. I say a simple mistake but it did catch me by surprise. Thanks Mike.

1 year ago
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