Advice and Tips For Young Collectors

As a life long collector (yeah, I'm an old guy), I have learned so much about this hobby with an appreciation for it which did not exist in my youth. What I mean by this is, back then third party grading was new and rare in the market place. So collecting began from scouring various sources for change to pick through and placed in cardboard folders until, hopefully, filled. As you begin collecting I might suggest the same by picking up a Whitman or Dansco.  Over the many years of your life to come, there will times when collecting gets pushed aside, forgotten. Yet the day will come when you stumble across that Whitman and renew your youth by beginning again.

The most important advice I have is this. Let no one decide what you collect. In recent years 90% of the hobby has been blinded by third party graders and lately, CAC stickers. Which is not to say anything negative about collecting these, in that you do not need to collect the best of the best to assemble a great collection. Why I say this is simple. Far too many only buy in this fashion and all too often shun those who collect uncertified. Do not allow this to distract you. Third party came about as a means of authentication and should be viewed as such. Especially key and semi-key dates. The key to any great collection is education. When setting your sights on a particular series invest in a good book or two specifically dealing with it. Ask questions. Share what you have within coin community forums/clubs.

Most importantly, enjoy collecting!   

6 months ago

Well said. Collect what catches your eye. It will change as time goes by..It should make you happy or why do it. Good luck.

6 months ago

I have been buying more and more items that are not 3rd party graded, there is a joy in holding a coin in your hand that does not translate to sterile slab.  I would urge any new collector to get those Albums and Folders and start filling those holes from circulation.  The easiest right now are the Statehood and ATB Quarters but you could also take a run on Memorial Lincolns and clad Dimes.   But like Long Beard said, the important thing is ENJOY.

6 months ago

When i follow a yn the first thing i tell them is that its your site . You run it your way. Dont let any tell you who to follow but if you follow the active ones they will help. No one tells  you what to collect its up to you even the books we tell them buy the book first. We have always had certian lines we tell the yns. We tell them we suggest you dont follow dead wood. Check the dates the active ones will help ones with no blogs in five years will not help you those  who follow hundreds and thousands wont help you. Those who follow you right away are pointing last time you will hear from them. This is how we help the yns get on there feet and care say this in messages . With the batch we have now i think they will turn out ok. But remember the first rule enjoy and there are no dumb questions i asked them all good luck to yas all.

6 months ago

Well said!  Collect from the heart.  There is a huge difference between a "collector" and an "investor."

4 months ago
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