YN Corner

I have created a new series of Numismatic related videos on YouTube, featuring different coins with information you hopefully did not know! You can view my channel in the link below. Please like and subscribe. Thank you!


7 years ago

Great to know! I also do the same, so I'll check out your channel! If you need anything feel free to ask.

7 years ago

What is your channel URL?

7 years ago

We picked up another YN application this week so we are going to send 4 to the summer seminars (2015) - I hope they enjoy it as much as I do as old geiser - IMHO.

7 years ago

Hey guys, lets get this forum back to being more active! Here is some info about me:

I am a YN.

I plan to go to Summer Seminar as soon as I am old enough.

I have a Youtube channel, check me out!

(My Youtube Channel is Kellen Coin)

I also have a blog at kellencoin.wordpress.com!

6 years ago

i cant believe the last post was five years ago

1 year ago


1 year ago

Aiden - we are aquaintences already :)  Yes?

1 year ago

I think us as YNs should be using this space for our discussion. Let's use the forums more.

11 months ago
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