Glenn Holsonbake received the Lawrence J. Gentile Sr. Memorial Award for Outstanding Adult Advisor during the American Numismatic Association’s Summer Seminar Session 2 graduation banquet on July 1, 2015. This award is presented annually to an individual who has recruited and mentored Young Numismatists and aided in the development of intermediate to advanced young collectors.

Holsonbake has collected coins since age 9 when he biked back and forth to the bank as often as he could to search through rolls of cents, nickels and dimes. He is a mentor whose passion for numismatics is unwavering; he remains diligent in teaching and sharing his devotion with many young numismatists across the country. Currently Holsonbake is a grading and Barber series instructor for the ANA.

“Glenn is the epitome of an adult advisor. He’s available, selfless and a true champion for the YN’s,” said Kevin Kaufmann, a former mentee of Holsonbake and ANA Summer Seminar participant. “He pushes each of us to be better and continually challenges us to grow. His numismatic knowledge and background allow him to guide us along many different paths: grading, wholesale, becoming a dealer or numismatic research, etc. Glenn is the reason why I started a business; he helped us expand and discover our own passion.”

Holsonbake is the president and CEO for Americana Rare Coin, Inc. He is a specialist in Barber coinage, including Liberty nickels and Barber dimes, quarters and halves. He has steadily built his own Barber Half registry set collection and is now concentrated on helping others do the same for any Barber or US coin series.

As a part-time dealer for several years and full-time dealer the past four years, Holsonbake is proud to offer his lifelong experiences and knowledge in coins while continuing to share the fun and passion of the hobby.

“It’s wonderful to be recognized, and I’m blown away to be honored tonight,” said Glenn. “Seeing the kids year after year and watching them grow and experience numismatics for themselves, just as I did when I was 9, is very special to me. Supporting the YN’s is something I believe in; I’ve made it my mission to encourage, assist and help them grow as individuals. For me, it’s the friendships and bonds we create that are truly special.”

The ANA recognizes the crucial role that strong adult leaders and mentors play in developing young collectors. Active adult advisors foster the growth of young numismatists within the hobby and numismatic industry. The nominees for Outstanding Adult Advisor are evaluated on their participation in several youth-related activities including numismatic tours, presentations, advising, mentoring, recruiting and more.

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