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Outstanding Young Numismatist of the Year

The ANA recognizes that the future of our hobby depends on the recruitment and education of young numismatists. The Outstanding Young Numismatist of the Year award honors young collectors for outstanding contributions to the hobby and industry. Nominees should exhibit a positive attitude, strong communication skills, cooperation, dependability and avid interest in expanding their numismatic knowledge. This award is limited to members of the ANA under the age of 18.

Nominations should include a brief description of the accomplishments of the young collector during the year and the reasons why they should be considered for the award. Nominations should be received as early as possible as the nominees will be asked to submit an application for review.

Numismatic Exhibits
These exhibits include competitive and non-competitive entries for local, regional and national coin shows. Awards received will also be considered.
Presentations and Articles
These activities include making numismatic presentations to coin collecting groups or the public. Articles include publishing numismatic papers in national, regional or local club magazines, newsletters, or bulletins; electronic or print media are acceptable.
Numismatic Research
This area includes new or updated numismatic research and findings that have not been published.
Volunteer Service
These activities include volunteering time to assist with the numismatic hobby at the local, regional or national level.
Personal Achievements
This area is open for any achievements that the young collector believes contributes to their growth as a leader in their community or non-numismatic organization.
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