The American Numismatic Association remains committed to the recovery of all items taken from the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in 2007.

Collectors who believe they are in possession of a stolen coin are encouraged to contact the ANA. The ANA may, at its discretion, offer reimbursement for stolen artifacts, which will not to exceed the purchase price of the coin. 

Anyone with information about the stolen coins from the Money Museum is encouraged to email ANA Money Museum Director Doug  Mudd at mudd@money.org

Recovered Coins

Mexico1732 F8 Reales F (photo)VFSilver
Mexico17398 Reales MFEFSilver
Mexico1733 MX4 Reales MX/XM
Mexico17378 Reales MFVFSilver
Mexico17358 Reales MFVFSilver
Mexico17338 Real FFSilver
Mexico17338 Reales MF, sm. CrownFSilver
Mexico1762/18 Reales MMVFSilver
Peru17618 Reales JM, chopmarkedVGSilver
Peru17718 Reales JM chopmarkedFSilver
Peru17588 Reales JMVGSilver
Chile18108 Reales FJFSilver
Peru18218 Reales, cntrstmpdVFSilver
Bolivia18148 Reales PJVGSilver
Bolivia17828 Reales PRVFSilver
Mexico17838 Reales FF, chopmarkedFSilver
Mexico17848 Reales FMVFSilver
Mexico17988 Reales FM, cntrstmpdVFSilver
Mexico18058 Reales TH, cntrstmpd, Crab Is.VFSilver
France1785Ecu "A", Swiss cntrstmpFSilver
Mexico17338 Reales MF "Royal Strike"FSilver
Mexico17338 Reales FFSilver
Mexico17338 Reales MF (photo)EFSilver
Mexico17338 Reales FVFSilver
Mexico1621-658 Reales cobVGSilver
Mexico1600-16098 Reales cobGSilver
Mexico1733-348 Reales MF cobGSilver
1613-178 Reales cobFSilver
Bolivia16224 Real cobFSilver
Bolivia1649-518 Reales cobFSilver
Thrace3rd cent. BCTetradrachm of LysimachusVFSilver
Mexico17318 Reales cobVGSilver
Costa Rica18468 Reales ingot, cntrstmpdFSilver
Bolivia1626-481 Real cobFSilver
Bolivia18671 BolivianoVFSilver
US1 ounce Platinum bullionEFPlatinum
Netherlands1946F.D.R. Proposed CoinageBUGold
Australia1813Holey Dollar' 5 Shillings (photo)EFSilver
U.S.1863Indian Cent (photo)Pr-66CACopper


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