2020 National Coin Week Student Activity

The theme of the 2020 National Coin Week is Remarkable Women: Catalysts of Change. This student activity involves a famous meeting to organize and speak out to further women’s civil liberties.

For two days in July of 1848, local residents congregated in Seneca, New York to discuss social, civil and religious rights for women. Several people who later became famous attended the Seneca Falls Convention. Your job is to design a coin that commemorates this historic event.


- Use the following link from History.com to learn about the Seneca Falls Convention: https://www.history.com/topics/womens-rights/seneca-falls-convention

- Choose an appropriate subject discussed at the convention or famous individual who attended.

- Create a design celebrating your subject by downloading the commemorative coin template.

- As with all modern United States coins, your coin must include the following: 

  • The word “Liberty”.
  • The date 2020. You may also include the date of the convention if you wish.
  • The motto “In God We Trust”. 

- On the back of your paper, be sure to include your full mailing address and your age.

- There are two age categories: 12 & under and 13 to 17.

- Your submission must be postmarked by May 4, 2020.

Every student who submits an entry will receive a United States silver coin as a prize. A grand prize finalist will be chosen for each age category and will receive a United States silver coin and a United States mint set.

Send your submission to:

Rod Gillis
American Numismatic Association
818 N. Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Roll of Honor


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