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15 Jan 2019

To Buy or Not to Buy

Collecting Tips | ANAStaff

Unlike most markets, the items traded in numismatics each have their idiosyncracies. Not only do the specifics of issue and grade vary, but variations in quality and “look” are significant (even within the same numerical grade). So, when you’re contemplating a purchase, you’ll need to figure out whether the item is the right fit for your interests and budget, or whether it’s better to wait for another opportunity. No numismatic crystal ball will predict a perfect Mint State (MS)-70, but with experience, knowledge and careful judgment, it’s possible to gain some clarity.

06 Dec 2018

Attending Your First Coin Show

Coin Shows | ANAStaff

The best way to become a successful numismatist, as well as familiarize yourself with the culture surrounding the hobby, is to attend coin shows on a regular basis. This also is one of the best ways to purchase coins, tokens, medals and paper money. Some people prefer the anonymity of the Internet, but the prices can be higher there. Overall, you can’t beat the fun and camaraderie of being part of a hobby community.

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