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These short (3 to 5 minutes) videos are designed to help you become a smarter, more informed collector.

Coin Collecting 101

Coin Collecting Misconceptions

What Gives Coins Value?

Understanding Coin Grading

Where to Buy Coins

Buying Coins: Collector vs. Investor

Inheriting a Coin Collection: U.S. Coins

Inheriting a Coin Collection: Ancient and World Coins

How to Store Coins

Programs for Young Collectors

The 1943 Cent

Nova Constellatio: The First American Coin


Brief featurettes highlighting interesting objects from the ANA Money Museum collection.

Money Museum Masterpiece Series: Rai Stones

Money Museum Masterpiece Series: Swedish Plate Money

Introduction to the Harry W. Bass Gallery

The Mini-Mint at the Money Museum


Enjoy online courses and lectures from fellow collectors, ANA members and experienced numismatists.

Engaging Young Collectors Now and in the Years to Come

Panelists: Abby Zechman, Garrett Ziss, Kellen Hoard, Kenny Sammut

Originally presented June 29, 2020.

Grading 101

Instructor: Rod Gillis Education Director, ANA

Originally presented June 30, 2020.

CAC and its "Green Beans"

Instructor: Bob Bair

Originally presented July 1, 2020.

Detection of Counterfeit and Altered Coins

 Instructors: Brian Silliman and Jim Robinson

Originally presented July 2, 2020.

Italian Numismatics: Insights Through Modern History 

Instructor: Antonino 'Nino' Crisà

Originally presented July 3, 2020.

Introduction to Early U.S. Paper Currency: 1765 to 1865

Instructors: Richard L. Horst and Douglas Mudd

Originally presented July 6, 2020.

Understanding the Art of Rare Coin Submissions

Instructor: Jeff Garrett

Originally presented July 6, 2020.

The Modern Minting Process: Errors and Varieties

Instructor: Sam Gelberd

Originally presented July 7, 2020.

Collecting and Investing in Morgan Dollars

Instructors: John Baumgart and Michael S. Fey, Ph.D.

Originally presented July 8, 2020.

Mexican Voices in Metal and Paper

Instructor: Ricardo de Leon Tallavas

Originally presented July 9, 2020.

Creating a Great Club Newsletter

Instructor: Phil Vitale

Originally presented July 10, 2020.

Intro to Paper Money Production and Counterfeit Detection

Instructor: Joseph Boling

Originally presented July 18, 2020.

When the Die is Wrong: Wrong Die Varieties That Can be Found and Collected

Instructor: John H. Miller Jr.

Originally presented July 28, 2020.  

Digital Image Editing for Numismatics: Getting Your Obverses & Reverses Together

Instructor: Michael Kodysz

Originally presented September 14, 2020.

MPC Boot Camp

Drill Sergeant: Carlton “Fred” Schwan

Originally presented September 17, 2020.

Grading 101 in Arabic

Instructor: Moe Rizkalla (original content: Rod Gillis , ANA)

Originally presented October 2, 2020.

Secrets of the Flying Eagle & Indian Head Cents

Instructor: Richard Snow

Originally presented October 13, 2020.

Numismatic Photography: Digital Equipment & Techniques 

Instructors: Clark Fogg and David Heinrich

Originally presented October 22, 2020.

U.S. Error Coins

Instructor: Dany Rothfeld

Originally presented October 27, 2020


Coin Collecting Basics

Instructor: Rod Gillis 

Originally presented November 11, 2020

Young Collectors Corner

Instructor: Sam Gelberd

Originally presented November 14, 2020

Auction World 101: An Inside Perspective

Instructor: Ailie Byers

Originally presented December 7, 2020


You Can Research & Publish a Numismatic Book

Instructor: Dennis Schafluetzel and Tom Carson

Originally presented December 10, 2020

Auction World 101: An Inside Perspective

Instructor: Ailie Byers

Originally presented December 7, 2020


A Numismatic Journey through Egyptian Islamic History 

Instructor: Gamal Amer, Ph.D.

Originally presented January 11, 20201

Detection of Counterfeit Slabs

Instructor: Isaiah Hageman

Originally presented January 13, 2021

Euro Coins – Cutting-Edge, Continuous, Cultural Contributors

Instructor: Rukmini Dahanukar

Originally presented January 15, 2021

The World of Elongated Coins

Instructor: Richard Jozefiak

Originally presented January 20, 2021

The Story of Siege Money

Instructor: Lawrence Korchnak

Originally presented January 21, 2021

Masonic Pennies: 130 Years of Mystery and History

Instructor: Tom Carson

Originally presented January 27, 2021

Parthia: The Forgotten Empire 

Instructor: Doug Mudd

Originally presented January 28, 2021

Let's Collect Half Cents

Instructor: Bill Eckberg

Originally presented February 8, 2021

Lincoln: The Challenge

Instructor: Doug Mudd

Originally presented February 10, 2021

Dutch Sieges of the 16th and 17th Centuries

Instructor: Lawrence Korchnak

Originally presented February 16, 2021

The Short Snorter Project 

Instructor: Tom Sparks

Originally presented February 19, 2021

Cast Bronze Money from the Roman Republic and Central Italy

Instructor: Gene McPherson

Originally presented February 22, 2021

More on Paper and Money Counterfeits and the History of Official Counterfeiting

Instructor: Joseph E. Boling

Originally presented February 23, 2021

The Charonian Coin: A Toll to the Afterworld of Official Counterfeiting

Instructor: George Anastasopoulos

Originally presented February 25, 2021


Enjoy interviews and presentations from fellow collectors and numismatic legends.

Legacy Series: Q. David Bowers

Legacy Series: Ray Dillard

Legacy Series: Steve Ivy & Jim Halperin

Legacy Series: Fred Weinberg

Legacy Series: David Sundman

Legacy Series: Rick Montgomery & Mark Salzberg

Legacy Series: Ken & Tom Hallenbeck

Legacy Series: Mark Borckardt

Legacy Series: Ira & Larry Goldberg

Legacy Series: Ken Bressett & Jeff Garrett

Legacy Series: Bill Fivaz

legacy video check back

Sundman Lecture Series: Visual Strategies of Suffrage

Presented by Steve Roach

Sundman Lecture Series: The Influence of Anna W. Williams

Presented by Prue Fitts

Sundman Lecture Series: The Leading Ladies of Rome

Presented by Dave Michaels

Sundman Lecture Series: Women in Military Numismatics

Presented by Fred Schwan

Sundman Lecture Series: Contributions of Trailblazing Treasury Department Women

Presented by Walt Ostromecki

Sundman Lecture Series: Politics, Power and Positioning — Byzantine Empresses on Coinage

Presented by Prue Fitts

Money Talks: The Ultimate Large Cent Date & Type Set

Presented by John Wright

Money Talks: Pay Warrants of the Texian Navy

Presented by Michael E. Marrota

Money Talks: Strategies to Dispose of Your Collection

Presented by Rod Gillis

Money Talks: Intro to Collecting Colonial Paper Money

Presented by Raymond Williams

Money Talks: Siege Stories — Tales of Courage & Defiance

Presented by Lawrence C. Korchnak, Ph.D.

Money Talks: Origins of Money

Presented by Doug Mudd

Money Talks: Rushing Through Panama

Presented by Jack E. Topping

Money Talks: Before the Coinage Act of 1857

Presented by Jesse Kraft

Money Talks: How the Large Cent Dies Were Made

Presented by Bill Eckberg

Money Talks: 30 Minutes at the First Philadelphia Mint

Presented by Mark Borckardt

Money Talks: Pittsburgh's Numismatic Copper Trio

Presented by Charles F. Heck & Wayne Homren

Money Talks: Symbols of the Sun God

Presented by Michael A. Kodysz

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