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Join the West Springfield Coin Club in Celebrating its 50th Anniversary

The West Springfield Coin Club is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, by offering free membership to new members for the remainder of 2014. Come join the fun, fellowship and education.
Written by American Numismatic Association staff at 00:00

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ANA member explores the world of organized crime in new novel

It is no secret that numismatists are an interesting group of people with enough stories to make Scheherazade blush. One numismatist, known for his storytelling abilities recently became an author. Arizona numismatist and American Numismatic Association life member Sal Fusco recently published a novel called "The Malandrini," the culmination of a life spent watching and listening to the interesting world in which he grew up.
Written by American Numismatic Association staff at 00:00
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Three reasons why the National Baseball Hall of Fame Coins are likely to be a four bagger

Not only do we believe that the National Baseball Hall of Fame coins will be a hit due to their unique domed shape and wide appeal to baseball fans, but we also anticipate that the current interest in gold and silver by investors and collectors alike will help to attract individuals to these significant coins.
Written by Tony Davis at 00:00

ANA curator gives talk to Colorado Springs Coin Club

Doug Mudd, ANA Museum Curator, gave a talk to the Colorado Springs Coin Club on Tuesday night titled "Currency of Colorado."
Written by Robert Kelley at 00:00

CCGTCC announces volunteer banquet speaker

The Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collector’s Club, Inc. is pleased to announce that Jonathan Ullman, Executive Director of The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, will be speaking at the volunteer’s banquet on Saturday, June 2, 2014, at 7 p.m. The volunteer’s banquet is the wrap up for the 22nd convention of the world’s largest club devoted solely to collecting casino memorabilia. The hobby has expanded exponentially into every aspect of gaming in America as well as across the entire world. No item too small or too large that has an identifiable logo or casino name attached to it goes uncollected.
Written by Sheldon Smith at 00:00

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