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    What is the name of the buffalo on the reverse of the Buffalo Nickel?
    • Rin Tin Tin
    • Peter
    • Black Diamond
    • Bison Bill
    The "obverse" is which side of a coin?
    • The Heads Side
    • The Front of the Coin
    • The Back of the Coin
    • Both A & B
    Who is pictured on the obverse of the modern U.S. quarter?
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Miss Liberty
    • George Washington
    Who is pictured on the front of a modern U.S. $5 note?
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Martin Luther King Jr.
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • John F. Kennedy
    Who is pictured on a modern U.S. $1 note?
    • Susan B. Anthony
    • Sacagawea
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • George Washington
    Who is portrayed on the modern U.S. nickel?
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • George Washington
    • Chief Two Moons
    • Thomas Jefferson
    What motto appears on both U.S. Coins and Currency?
    • A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
    • In God We Trust
    • Government Property
    • E Pluribus Unum
    Where was a nickel made that has a "D" Mintmark?
    • Detroit
    • Dallas
    • Denver
    • Delaware
    Where was a dime struck that has an "S" Mintmark?
    • San Francisco
    • Sacramento
    • South Carolina
    • Syracuse
    Where was a quarter struck that has a "P" Mintmark?
    • Pittsburgh
    • Phoenix
    • Philadelphia
    • Portland
    Where was a penny struck that has no mintmark?
    • Denver
    • San Francisco
    • Ft. Knox
    • Philadelphia or West Point
    When were the first large cents struck at the US. Mint in Philadelphia?
    • 1850
    • 1776
    • 1906
    • 1793
    What famous black American is portrayed on two Commemorative Coins?
    • Booker T. Washington
    • George Washington Carver
    • Colin Powell
    • Martin Luther King
    What is the name for the metal disc before it is struck into a coin?
    • Die
    • Planchet
    • Cud
    • Hub
    What is the tooth-like design around the circumference of some older coins called?
    • Denticles
    • Exergue
    • Field
    • Collar
    A collectible coin should be held...
    • by the edge
    • over a soft surface
    • carefully
    • all of the above
    What is a "Loon Dollar"?
    • Canadian coin
    • Disney World token
    • Zoo money
    • American Wildlife Federation Coin
    What is a Spanish 8 reales coin called?
    • milled dollar
    • pillar dollar
    • piece of eight
    • all of the above
    The United States once made...
    • half cent coins
    • three cent coins
    • twenty cent coins
    • all of the above
    What country pictured an automobile on a coin in 1928?
    • Detroit
    • China
    • England
    • Canada
    What is the lowest denomination of U.S. paper money ever printed?
    • one dollar
    • one half dollar
    • one quarter dollar
    • three cents